Infoto-Soft Kft.

Our office is comfortable and friendly. The team became stronger with years spent together in the university or at work. We are not only collegues, we often spend spare time together. We can grow large, but we want to keep this atmosphere, because this describes an ideal workplace for us.

Since our founding nearly a half decades ago, we progressed a lot both in competences and long-term relations. We follow technological improvements and market demands, therefore we develop not only for web, but also for the newest mobile platforms. Collaborating with Inflex Studio Kft., we became an efficient team which can do more than the competition.


Infoto-Soft Kft.

Do you want to be a part of our team? Be a desktop, mobile or frontend/backend developer. Please include your CV and links for codes or references in your email. It should include your previous experiences, with details of the field and the amount spent. You can also order your competences by categories: LANGUAGES, FRAMEWORKS, CMS, SERVICES, LIBS, PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS, DEVELOPMENT TOOLS, TESTING TOOLS, ANALYTICS. Please include your LinkedIn profile with properly filled details if you have one.

We are looking forward to your application!